Who We Are

Renne Public Management Group (RPMG) is a division of the Renne Public Law Group based in San Francisco. The firm’s attorneys, public policy experts, and management consultants provide services and solutions for most of the pressing needs and challenges facing local governments, special districts, and nonprofits.

Our firm is distinguished by our deep knowledge of – and commitment to – good governance practices, coupled with direct experience working with and for local governments. We help local governments of all sizes improve their effectiveness and achieve greater impact through a range of consulting services. Its team of consultants have completed organizational staffing and improvement projects in every type of local government service, including reviews of entire governments as well as selected studies of individual departments and functional activities.

We offer a balance of perspectives with a practitioner’s bias and a proven record of successful implementation. This experience gives us a sensitivity that produces positive outcomes. Each of our projects are individually tailored to the unique needs of the client.