City Manager and City Attorney Executive Search

City Manager and City Attorney executive searches are our specialty. RPMG provides a comprehensive scope of executive search services tailored specifically to the needs of each client. We devote tremendous energy to understanding the organization’s unique culture, environment, and local issues to ensure a great “fit” regarding values, philosophy, and management style. To achieve this outcome, we work with our clients to identify and develop the ideal candidate profile and position characteristics, develop a search strategy, initiate candidate outreach, interview and assess applicants, complete reference interviews, recommend candidates for final interviews, facilitate the interview process, and when desired, negotiate compensation terms with the successful candidate, including an employment contract that safeguards both employer and employee interests. RPMG is not driven by volume which helps set us apart from our competitors. We are committed to providing customized and flexible executive recruitment services to our clients and will only take on a select number of recruitments at any given time.